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The turf experts at String Trimmers Direct have compiled a comprehensive walk-behind wheeled string trimmer buyer's guide. The wheeled weed wacker guide features lots of helpful information.

Wheeled String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Walk-Behind String Trimmer

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Marissa, the String Trimmer Expert
Wheeled String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

Is it a lawn mower? Is it a string trimmer?

Well, wheeled string trimmers are a little of both.

These powerful gardening tools can make short work of stubborn weeds and thick grasses.

Wheeled, or walk-behind string trimmers are perfect for rugged areas you can't take a regular mower, or where vegetation is too thick for traditional string trimmers.

Rugged Capability
There are several reasons wheeled wheeled string trimmers are a good choice for rough terrain and thick brush.

Walk Behind String Trimmer Wheels
Wheels of wheeled string trimmers are large (12 - 16"), which makes them more maneuverable on uneven surfaces. The wheels are made of hardened plastic or a Never Flat material so you won't get a flat tire working away from your shed.

Cutting Width of wheeled string trimmers is 22" so you can cut a lot at once. Push this trimmer into a patch of weeds and you'll be done in no time.

Wheeled String Trimmer Engine
All wheeled string trimmers are powered by similar engines. They have 4-cycle engines (like a lawn mower), which require oil changes and other simple maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Another common feature on all wheeled trimmer engines is a recoil starter. Like a lawn mower, recoil start requires you to pull a starter rope to turn the engine over and get it going.

String Trimmer Line
Replacement Line
Because these trimmers are capable of tackling tough brush, you may find the trimmer line breaks more often.

Your best bet is to have some replacement line, which comes in a variety of diameters and lengths, depending on the job and trimmer.

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