Local Farmer Reviews Trimmer, Wins $500

Local Farmer Reviews Trimmer, Wins $500

Cub Cadet Walk-Behind Trimmer Video Review

FORT SUMNER, NM (September 11, 2018) - A farmer from New Mexico became $500 richer as the new winner of Power Equipment Direct's video review contest.

Power Equipment Direct (PED) holds a quarterly video review competition that gives their customers a chance to win $500 by posting their honest and informative product reviews on YouTube.

The videos are featured on their website and help other shoppers by showcasing products tested in real-world applications. The latest winner is Kelsey M. of Fort Sumner, New Mexico for her thorough review of a Cub Cadet ST 100 Walk-Behind String Trimmer.

"For those on the fence about which string trimmer to choose, Kelsey's video provides an insightful visual overview and demo of this walk-behind model," explained Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at String Trimmers Direct.

He continued, "The video showcases the trimmer's simple setup and relative ease of operation when it comes to eliminating thick weeds on large plots of land. If you're in the market for a walk-behind string trimmer, I highly recommend watching Kelsey's video review because it's exactly what people will want to know."

When PED reached out to Kelsey, she was thrilled her video was chosen and continued to praise both the product and service she received.

"I purchased this particular string trimmer because I needed a heavy duty machine that could take down overgrown weeds and brush on our irrigated farm," Kelsey explained. "It will cut a lot of weeds in a very short amount of time and is good for large, overgrown weeds and brush."

Kelsey was also looking for ease-of-maintenance and functionality. "I wanted to be able to easily and quickly change the trimmer line without tools, which you can do with this machine," she said. "The square, orange .155-inch line that comes included is better than the alternate line I have purchased and lasts longer on tough weeds."

Kelsey elaborated about her experience purchasing from a Power Equipment Direct store. "Power Equipment Direct provides an excellent customer experience with quality products at competitive prices, fast shipping, and solid customer support after purchase. I am very happy with the purchase of my Cub Cadet String Trimmer from PED."

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