Innovative Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Head

Innovative Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Head

How to Reload Your String Trimmer in Seconds

By  | String Trimmer Product Expert
By  | String Trimmer Product Expert

String trimmers are undoubtedly a necessary tool for maintaining a well manicured lawn, but fumbling around with loose line when it comes time to reload can be incredibly frustrating.

Disassembling the trimmer head takes long enough, but then you have to measure, cut, and wind the line - all while holding the spring in place to keep it from popping out.

Oregon has made this process much quicker and easier with an innovative Oregon Gator SpeedLoad head that features specially designed trimmer line discs (instead of loose line) that enables you to change out your line in mere seconds.


Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Disc Line

Oregon gator line discThe Gator SpeedLoad line discs make changing line much less frustrating. Rather than winding line on a spool, trying not to let it unravel as you reassemble the trimmer head, you just drop the disc in and line it up with the guides.

The tongue-and-groove line is held together in a perfect disc shape by an adhesive that easily lets it pull apart when you bump-feed it. There's no coloring or unnecessary additives to the line, so it's much more durable and long-lasting.

String Trimmer Line Installation Direction

Trimmer Line is available in .080", .095", and .118" diameters.

For curved shaft and straight shaft trimmers below 26cc, use the consumer replacement head. You'll want to turn the line upside down for curved shaft trimmers, because their heads spin in reverse. There are 4 consumer head options available. 

Trimmer models with engines of 25cc and up can be equipped with a pro head.

Large Pro Head
Large Pro Head


Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Head

To open a Gator SpeedLoad head, you simply squeeze two tabs and pull it open.

The innovative design of the self-contained head means there aren't any small parts or springs to lose.

Small Pro Head
Small Pro Head


And since you don't have to remove the entire head from the trimmer, you'll never have to worry about losing any parts in the grass again.

Changing the line is easy. Just follow three simple steps:

  1. Drop the old cartridge out
  2. Replace it with a new disc of line
  3. Snap the cover back in place.
Consumer Head
Consumer Head


Their rugged, low-profile heads are designed to last, and there are no frustrating eyelets to feed the line through.

You simply place the ends of the line between the metal roller guides when you place the spool in.

It's much easier than trying to feed line through a small eyelet.


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How to Install a Gator SpeedLoad Head

The installation of these heads is as easy as reloading it.

Where you'd normally screw on your old trimmer head, you just screw the new head on.


The heads include 4 adapters for different makes and models of string trimmers. The heads also include plastic spacers for units that have a splined shaft. You determine the appropriate adapter using the included instructions, then press the adapter into the gator head and screw it onto the string trimmer as you see in the video above. 

All that's left now is to find the perfect fit for your trimmer, screw it on, and put tangled line behind you.


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