String Trimmer Rush Order Processing

How To Quickly Receive Your String Trimmer

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Rush Order Processing means your string trimmer order will be fast-tracked and you’ll be finishing that project in no time.

Rush Order Processing is like a speed pass at an amusement park.

You can sweat in line for hours or pay a little extra to ride the roller coaster immediately.

1. Guaranteed In-Stock
Waiting in a Never Ending Line at Home DepotDuring the spring and summer months, string trimmers sell faster than playoff tickets. Our inventory literally disappears in hours instead of days.

By ordering Rush Order Processing for a $50 service fee, your string trimmer is instantly reserved – securing your trimmer exclusively for you.

Rush Order Processing is only available on “In-Stock” models. If Rush Order Processing isn't available, the string trimmer is either sold out or back-ordered.

2. Same-Day Shipment
It’s physically impossible to ship an entire warehouse in one day. With Rush Order Processing, your order is shipped immediately.

Your string trimmer will ship the same business day if ordered before 4 p.m. EST M-F. Weekend and evening orders will be shipped the next business day.

Generator Expedited Shipping

3. Real-Time Tracking
You will receive a tracking number the moment your string trimmer ships. We will also provide you with the freight carrier’s phone number, so you can contact them directly if necessary.

4. Pick-Up at Local Terminal
If the need is gone before your string trimmer arrives, congratulations. Your unit will be delivered in a few days, and you’ll be prepared for the next project.

If not, you're welcome to pick it up at the freight carrier’s local terminal, significantly reducing your lead time. Just call ahead, and let them know you’re coming.

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