Gas Handheld String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Gas Handheld String Trimmer

By  | String Trimmer Product Expert

Gas handheld string trimmers are the most commonly used style. They offer unmatched power and freedom of movement.

They are powerful enough to cut through thicker weeds, but maneuverable enough to use just about anywhere.

Gas handheld string trimmers vary based on what features best suit your needs, so whether you're a homeowner or a professional, there's a model that will fit your needs.

Compare Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Entry-Level Gas Handheld String TrimmerEntry-Level Gas Handheld String Trimmer
Affordable and simple in design, entry-level gas handheld string trimmers are ideal for the homeowner with minimal trimming to do. They're designed for around 2 hours of use per week.

They're effective around flower beds that don't have a border, and along small walkways, however they're not ideal for edging some models may have difficulty getting into tight spaces.

How to Pick the Perfect Entry-Level Gas Handheld String Trimmer

Mid-Grade Gas Handheld String TrimmerMid-Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmer
Mid-grade trimmers are a step up, offering more features, comforts, and ease of use. These are for the homeowner who has more than minimal trimming to do.

These are for the weekend warrior who wants a professional look without paying the professional price.

How to Pick the Perfect Mid-Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmer

Commercial Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmer
Commercial Grade Gas Handheld String TrimmerCommercial gas string trimmers are built to last and easy to service. They're the preferred choice of professional landscapers, because they're durable, serviceable, can get into tight spaces, and are made from high quality components designed for 8 hours of use, 7 days a week.

Homeowners may be interested in investing in a commercial gas handheld string trimmer because they'll last longer. If you have a large lot, or you find yourself trimming a few times a week, it may be a worthwhile investment to ensure that your trimmer will stand up to the challenge and never let you down.

How to Pick the Perfect Commercial Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmer


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