Bumping Fresh Line

How to Change Line on a Bump Feed String Trimmer

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You just pulled out your string trimmer after a long winter's nap. It starts up fine, and at first glance the string looks okay.

Just as you begin trimming, you start to notice small pieces of the line breaking off. As you continue to trim, your line's getting shorter.

String trimmer line gets quite brittle with age, which causes it to break off in small pieces as you use it. Replacing your string will correct this problem and provide better efficiency.

1. Select Your Line

Select your line based on what your trimmer's user manual suggests.

The diameter of your line needs to be based on engine size and what your tool can handle.

2. Disassemble the String Trimmer Head

Take apart the trimmer head by unscrewing the bump knob and removing the inner reel and spring from inside.

At this time, you can also pull out the old line and throw it away.

3. Insert the Line

Cut two 10" pieces of line and double them together. Insert the lines into one of the holes in the reel and pull it in toward the spool until only a couple inches remain.

Take hold of the remaining line, insert it into the other hole, and then pull the line tight to close the loop.

4. Wrap the Line Onto the Reel

Wrap the line on in the direction of the arrow on the reel.

Be sure you add enough pressure to keep it evenly wrapped. Once you've got about six inches left unwrapped, push the strings into the holding slots.

5. Return the Spring and Feed the Line

Reinsert the spring onto the shaft the same way it was before you removed it. Make sure to hold it down to prevent it from falling out.

Locate the eyelets on the spring head and push the strings through the eyelets.

6. Close it Tight

Return the reel back to its original position on the shaft and line up the holding slots found on the reel with the eyelets found on the head.

Hold the reel down, compressing the spring, and screw the bump knob back onto the trimmer head.

7. Pull the Line Out

Don't pull too hard, just easily pull the lines and ensure they've released from the holding slots.

Once the line is in its proper place, you're all set.

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