Gas String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

Gas String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Gas String Trimmer

By  | String Trimmer Product Expert
By  | String Trimmer Product Expert

A mower can only do so much. It can't get the grass growing flush against the fence line. It can't get the weeds in your flower bed.

String trimmers trim down what your lawn mower can't, and gas trimmers boast great power and versatility. They can be used for edging, separating your lawn from your walkways.

Gas-powered string trimmers give you the freedom you need to move around a large property, around trees and other obstacles, without becoming tangled by an electrical cord.

Handheld Wheeled
Handheld Gas String Trimmer Wheeled Gas String Trimmer
Purpose: Tight Spaces Large Areas
Weight: 8 - 25 lbs. 46 - 97 lbs.
Cutting Width: 9 - 18" 17 - 22"


Handheld Gas String Trimmers

Gas-Powered Handheld String TrimmerWith a handheld gas string trimmer, you can slice through grass without having to worry about obstacles. Having a gas string trimmer means not having to worry about a cord or a backup battery, enabling you to do large areas without stopping.

Handheld gas string trimmers come in 2-cycle and 4-cycle models, and you can choose between a curved-shaft or straight-shaft. There are also gas handheld power heads, which enable you to attach different heads for trimming grass, trimming hedges, cutting tree limbs, and even cultivating your garden.


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Wheeled Gas String Trimmers

With a wheeled gas string trimmer, you can mow through thicker grass quickly and efficiently. These are great for clearing large overgrown lots.

They have a greater cutting width, which means you can clear an area with fewer passes. And because they're on wheels, your back won't take such a beating.

Wheeled models have around 22" of cutting width. They have larger engines, large 12-16" wheels, and they clear rugged terrain in very little time.


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