Electric String Trimmer Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric String Trimmer

By  | String Trimmer Product Expert

Are you sick of gas and oil? Tired of the excessive noise produced by gas engines?

Don't bother with any more oil changes or trips to the gas station. Electric trimmers are a great alternative, and they've come a long way over the years.

Now they come with ergonomically designed handles, pivoting heads, and cordless versions powered by 40-volt lithium ion batteries.

When choosing between a corded electric trimmer and a cordless trimmer, it's important to first consider the size and condition of the area(s) you're planning to trim.

Compare Electric String Trimmers

Corded Electric String Trimmers
Corded electric trimmers are a quieter, cleaner, easier alternative to gas string trimmers. They do, however, restrict your movement.

You can only go where the extension cord allows, which can sometimes be inconvenient. However, they have unlimited power as long as you're paying the electric bill on time.

How to Pick the Perfect Corded Electric String Trimmer

Cordless Electric String Trimmers
Cordless electric trimmers are also quieter, cleaner, and easier than gas string trimmers, but unlike corded electric trimmers, they run on a battery so you're not restricted by the length of a cord.

The main disadvantage of cordless models is that they don't have unlimited power, so you may need extra batteries to complete larger jobs. A one-time investment in more batteries is worth eliminating the need for numerous trips to the gas station.

How to Pick the Perfect Cordless Electric String Trimmer


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