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Mid-Grade Gas Handheld Buyer's Guide

Pick the Perfect Mid-Grade Gas Handheld Trimmer

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You're serious about keeping your lawn looking well manicured, so your lawn care requires a more serious tool.

Homeowners looking for commercial features without a commercial price turn to the mid-grade trimmers.

With mid-grade trimmers, you'll find a bit more comfort, features, and power without having to pay top dollar for a commercial trimmer.

Mid-Grade Gas Handheld String TrimmerFeatures
Mid-grade gas handheld string trimmers offer more available features than the entry-level models. You'll find they're more comfortable to use and have other options because they're intended for longer use than entry-level trimmers.

Mid-grade trimmers are designed to be used about 5-10 hours per week. They have a bit more power than an entry-level trimmer, but less power than a commercial grade trimmer.

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Engine Style

2-Cycle String Trimmer2-Cycle
If you've ever had to mix oil into a gas tank, you've used a 2-cycle engine. Also known as 2-stroke engines, this type of engine weighs less and is easier to maintain than a 4-cycle engine.

2-cycle engines also have the potential to pack approximately twice the power of a 4-cycle engine without increasing the size of the unit. Weighing less and having double the power makes 2-cycle engines more ideal for handheld gas string trimmers, but what they gain in power, they lose in fuel efficiency.

4-cycle handheld string trimmers are more similar to the car your drive – gas goes in the fuel tank and oil goes into the crankcase. They work in the same manner as a car engine as well.4-Cycle String Trimmer Engine They're more fuel efficient than 2-cycle engines, so you get more “mileage” out of every tankful of gas when using your 4-cycle string trimmer.

A 4-cycle engine also has the capability to produce more power overall than a 2-cycle does, although this will result in a larger engine in terms of size and weight, which may not be a good thing if you’re the one lugging the string trimmer around all day.

Shaft Style

Curved-Shaft String Trimmers are easy to maneuver for flower bed trimming and more simple tasks.Curved Shaft & Straight Shaft Trimmers Because the head of the trimmer is curved inward, you do not have as much flexibility to trim in hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Straight-Shaft String Trimmers are the tool of choice for landscaping pros because they have plenty of power and torque to rip through thick grass and brush. This is the tool for trimming under fences and other tight places.

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