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Commercial Gas Handheld Buyer's Guide

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If you're shredding weeds on a daily basis, you may benefit from investing in a commercial grade trimmer.

These trimmers are designed to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. They're quality made and feature more powerful engines.

Commercial landscapers prefer these trimmers because they're rugged and easy to service.

Commercial Grade Gas Hand Held String TrimmerFeatures
Commercial grade string trimmers are made to be used for 8 hours a day, every day. Their bevel gears and transmissions are made of higher quality components.

They have more powerful engines and most commonly come with straight shafts for more versatile use by professionals.

Another great advantage of owning a commercial-grade gas string trimmer is that they're more easily serviceable. Commercial grade trimmers offer easy access to the air filter among other commonly serviced components.

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Engine Style

2-Cycle String Trimmer2-Cycle
You've likely seen or even used a 2-cycle engine at some point. They require that you mix the gas and oil together in the same tank. This requires a little more know-how, and it can be less efficient than a 4-cycle engine.

The benefit with a 2-cycle engine is that they can pack about twice the power into the same space as a 4-cycle model. Being lighter weight with more power means they're more ideal for powering a hand held gas string trimmer. However, the lighter weight and added power makes it less fuel efficient than a 4-cycle engine.

Handheld string trimmers with 4-cycle engines function similar to the engine in your car. 4-Cycle String Trimmer EngineYou fill the fuel tank with gas, and you pour the oil into the crankcase. Also, like a vehicle engine, they're more fuel efficient than their 2-cycle counterpart. This means you don't have to stop for gas as often when using a 4-cycle string trimmer.

Another major benefit of using a 4-cycle engine is that it has the ability to produce more overall power, however they tend to have larger engines, which may be less than desirable assuming you don't like carrying the added weight.

Shaft Style

Curved Shaft & Straight Shaft TrimmersCurved-Shaft String Trimmers are ergonomically easier to use with less fatigue for flower bed trimming and more simple tasks. Because the head of the trimmer is curved inward, you do not have as much flexibility to trim in hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Straight-Shaft String Trimmers are the tool of choice for landscaping pros because they have plenty of power and torque to rip through thick grass and brush. This is the tool for trimming under fences and other tight places.

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